What’s that rattle

January 9, 2008

I’m bouncing around my house today catching up on paperwork, little inside errands and cleaning. This isn’t a planned day off, I’m sick. But you know the type of sickness—bad enough to keep you from functioning normally but not so bad that you’d miss a party or a movie or some evening event.

Luckily I don’t have an evening event to go to, so I WILL stay in the house and rattle around while getting better.

On the push-up front, I did my eight push-ups last night before midnight. I was in a full-on, body-contorting shiver fit, but I got them done. Family Fitness 2008 won’t be derailed.

Need to do nine push-ups today.

Oh, while I’m prattling on…..What happened to Obama? I left work around 3:30 yesterday and he had been declared the new king of New Hampshire. If there were a movie set in NH, Obama would have been on the bow of the Titanic shouting to the world. Trouble is, nothing is like the movies. Except maybe Night Shift, which is my favorite inspirational movie of all time.

That Henry Winkler knew how to act. He’ll be missed.

More to come…