Where is your belly-button? OR I’m really bad at showering.

January 17, 2009

This is two posts in one. Here’s the belly button entry…

It seems that my belly-button has fallen sharply as I’ve aged. No longer do I have a trail of lint from my belt buckle up to my belly-button, but it has moved all the way to my feet.

See this photo.

How in the world did I get lint to settle into my toe? It wasn’t washed down my body? I didn’t even have dark clothing on. But there it is for all to see – navy blue lint crowding the delicate nail of my hobbit toe.

Comments? Questions? Discussion?

PART 2 – I’m really bad at showering.

If you thought that earlier section came out of left field, you’re right. I actually took this photo…here it is again….

….right after emerging from the shower. I looked down at my toe and saw that there was still sock lint jammed into the nail.

What’s that about?

Have I failed so miserably in my 43 years of personal hygiene that I can’t get my toes clean? I mean, it’s not that hard to wash away lint. It’s not heavy!

Maybe it’s my flexibility problem coming into play. If I could reach my toes I could clean them, I guess. But maybe my shower isn’t powerful enough. Or perhaps we have soft water and it’s deflected by even the softest material.

Whatever the case, I promise you that’s the last toe lint shot you will see this week.

More to come…