Who needs sleep?

December 30, 2007

The Bare Naked Ladies have a song by the same name as the post title. It’s one of my favorites because of the beat, the lyrics and the message behind the song. Here…listen to a little before you read further.


Well, as I tossed and turned in bed…just knowing that Tom – baby out of wedlock – Brady and the rest of the New Cheatland Patriots would win their 16th straight regular season game last night…I wondered what makes us so susceptible to outside distractions as we’re drifting off to sleep.

I really don’t have this problem to any great degree. Just ask Joel, my college roommate, who is still annoyed that I played the quick-sleep game with him during college.

Don’t know that game? Here’s a description…

While lying in bed (Joel and I were in SEPARATE beds), you formulate a question that could take your roommate about a minute or more to answer. Then you ask the question and do your best to fall asleep before they finish answering and come back with their own question.

Similar to these Hateriots, my record through college was something like one billion to none. I was undefeated in terms of sleeping.

I guess my main issue with a team that’s so good is that now our region is the hated target for the rest of the country. I was fine when the Red Sox won their second World Series title in three years, but I have never liked the Pats and their arrogance is a bit much.

I’ve said it before and will point it out again, the New England Patriots are now the equivalent of the New York Yankees with their arrogant fans and ‘above-the-game’ ways. Drugs, illegitimate children, videotapes. It’s just a shame that a docile team that boasted some of the best, most honorable players in the game (Grogan, Bledsoe, Cunningham, Hannah) has fallen so far.

I only hope their humility comes back when they lose in the playoffs.

More to come…