Who’s reading

June 28, 2007

The other day I turned Juliet on to StatTracker and she’s been an addict ever since.

This neat little blog add-on allows me to see when people like Leo Laporte, Wil Wheaton or Steve Jobs visit my site. It also lets me track people in different countries like France, England and even those crazed maniacs in Australia.

Scroll down the page in the sidebar and take a look.

Oh, and if you’re keeping track of my domain name purchases, I’m now up to 41 and I’ve got about three blogs going.

TDF07.com will be running fast and furious soon as the TDF takes off on July 7. The Novel Ideas site – http://www.ideas2words.com – is live again and soon will have all of Novel Ideas and Jeff Cutler’s samples on it. The Jeff Cutler dot blogspot site is up and is looking for content.

I’m also blogging for BostonNow.com, Gather, Helium and other outlets. I hope to continue this pattern and even expand the number of outlets I write for.

If you’re looking for professional journalism services, or any other professional writing skills, take a look at the Novel Ideas site.

More to come…