Why didn’t I imagine that?

February 22, 2008

Here’s the start of an AP story that appears on Boston.com today…

Arizona ‘virtual fence’ gets final ok

By Eileen Sullivan – Associated Press Writer – February 22, 2008

WASHINGTON—A 28-mile “virtual fence” that will use radars and surveillance cameras to try to catch people entering the country illegally has gotten final government approval.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Friday was to announce approval of the fence, built by the Boeing Co. and using technology the Bush administration plans to extend to other areas of the Arizona border, as well as sections of Texas. These projects could get under way as early as this summer, officials said.

The virtual fence is part of a national plan to secure the southwest border…

Read the rest on their site.

That’s just a great idea. Let’s put make-believe troops over in Iraq, make-believe planes in the air to transport people across the country and why not start using make-believe money? It’s only worth about .60 of a EURO anyway.

Who in the world thinks that without real dogs, electrified fences, poisonous traps, deep pits with spikes at the bottom, and automatic machine guns, that ILLEGAL INTRUDERS will stay away.

I often liken the protecting of our borders to our regular quest to keep our car in-tact and where we left it. If you haven’t taken steps to rig the car to explode if the right code isn’t entered then you haven’t done enough to protect your property.

Further, if your dog isn’t trained to maim intruders and the razor-bladed windowsills and roof edges aren’t in place, you’re just welcoming illegal visitors to your home.

If we’re just going to rely on fantasy and magic to secure our borders, we might as well be living in San Francisco or Cambridge, MA where the PC forces have brutally killed and buried common sense with their quest to include everyone in everything.

It’s gotten to the point where I can’t imagine what their next bright idea will be. Maybe it will be outlawing dodge ball or tag on the playground so nobody feels excluded.

More to come…