Wicked Local

February 6, 2007

As the readers of Bowl of Cheese are aware, I’ll be reporting on the Tour de France from Paris during the final two weeks of July 2007. During this period I’ll be posting regular dispatches to Bowl of Cheese and to tdf07.com.

The articles I post will help chronicle the largest bike race in the world and the social atmosphere surrounding this event. I plan to interview Parisians about their views on the race, take part in related parties and celebrations, and in general bring the flavor of France to the United States via the Internet.

Finally, I’ll also be posting regular podcast episodes for Bowl of Cheese and A Life of Play.

As of now only a couple outlets have agreed to hire me to do some writing for them while in France at the race. I’m not going to name names yet as negotiations with some print and online publications are ongoing, BUT I will say that there are some wicked local places that might see some of my features this July.

More to come…