Wijacker and other names

September 5, 2007

This is just a random rant or musing to let you know that the domain name Wijacker.com is going to be up for sale soon. I expect with the iPod Touch now on the market, the demand for a cool name will be overwhelming and somebody – probably Patrick Norton or John Dvorak will want to snatch it up.

Further, my Bol de Fromage dot com is a hot commodity now that I’ve got this site up and running again. You may have noticed that there’s a SLIGHT issue with the date fields at the top of each post, but that wrinkle might fix itself soon.

I have to confess, since we’re jumping all over the place tonight, that I had no idea that the iPod line was going to be announced today and I’m flummoxed that the smaller iPhone has been discontinued while the 8GB model has dropped in price by nearly 50%.

NOW is the time to buy if you’re planning to get an iPhone. OR, do you think as I do that all the iPhone unlocking was a planned ‘hack’ by master Steve?

NEMBA Fest 2007 is this weekend.

Clownface rides in her century on Sunday.

And Drew’s bachelor party also takes place in a couple days.

I’d better rest up.

More to come…