Woman drivers

April 20, 2008

Remember the post a day ago when I commented on the driver who was camped in the fast lane going about 15MPH BELOW the speed limit and causing hundreds of thousands of cars to pass her on the right.

That driver was not Danica Patrick. It seems that Danica is a woman driver who is addicted to speeding and people are just looking the other way while she speeds in communities all over the world. Here’s a photo in case you’ve been passed by her lately.

And if you’ve been passed by her recently, you’re not alone. Everyone in this weekend’s Japan Indy 500 was passed by Patrick, who won the race.

I think too much is being made of Patrick’s gender and too little of her age. She’s a young driving champion at 26. And yes, she is the first Indy-Car woman champion, but she’s just a good driver who knows how drive fast in circles.

Nonetheless, congrats.

More to come…