Words of wonder

October 13, 2006

As most of the people who write blogs or host podcasts often wonder, I too have started to think about the next step at Bowl of Cheese and A Life of Play.

If you haven’t heard the podcast – or don’t even know what an iPod or podcast is – just nod slowly and follow along. The meaning will probably become clear through context, after all I am a writer.

I’ve been doing this Internet radio show that you can listen to at any time for about seven months. The interviews have ranged from great to horrific and the main factor in their success has been the amount of time I’ve had to prepare.

That’s why I’ve decided to change the format of ALOP and the impact of BOC. From here forward I plan to ‘podcast’ Bowl of Cheese and limit ALOP to one episode per month. This will allow me to line up a great interview on ALOP and also keep my podcasting habit rolling.

What does this mean for the written version of BOC? Nothing. If anything results of this it will likely be MORE posts here. You see, the model for the Bowl of Cheese podcast will be a David Sedaris-esque reading of essays and opinion pieces. MY OWN essays and opinions.

These pieces will also be posted here for you to read so you can enjoy my comments in two ways – audio or visual.

Send me your thoughts and comments on this change. I expect to get this rolling next week some time if not sooner.

That said, I’ll also say, definitely more to come…