Wylie Lynch

February 12, 2008

So the other day I was playing poker with Wylie Lynch and he wondered about the lord or jesus or god or whatever you call him or her.

You see, on many of the poker sites online there is a frequent disconnection rate among people who have a slow Internet hook-up or a provider that practices packet shaping. More on packet shaping in a later post.

So when a person disconnects, the chat box alerts the table that a person has disconnected and it gives them a VERY GENEROUS 90 seconds or so to reconnect.

As you can see from this photo, one of the people at the table was THE MAN JESUS. And The Man kept disconnecting.


So Wylie asked in what is a legendary comment to me, “What kind of condition is the world in if Jesus is disconnected?”

If you look closely, Wylie is the player at the 9 o’clock position on the table.

More to come…