1000 a day

March 14, 2008

Similar to the vitamins being prescribed for everything that might ail you, I’m using the 1000 term as my prescription to success. After a talk yesterday with a friend, I realized that even at two weeks into the writing project I had let a few appointments get between me and the keyboard.

Granted, these appointments were: a visit to the doctor, interviews with people for future magazine articles, and lunch with new media professionals. But that shouldn’t deter me from banging on the keys for a little bit each day.

Just as Isaac Asimov relentlessly clacked away for 1000 words a day, I too shall click the keys for that many words per day. You’ll likely see less work being posted here but you will get regular updates on my progress and successes.

Give me a shout in the comments if you are looking for more specifics on my work or if you’re an editor who would like to view more samples.

Ultimately, the Jeff Cutler dot com schedule will be:

Monday – a column
Tuesday through Friday – an update each day or every other day on my writing endeavors

Friday will also remain New Media Friday and I’ll likely record Monday’s column as a podcast that you can subscribe to at Bowl of Cheese dot com.

Comments and questions are welcome. Gotta run. About 800 more words to get down on screen before the whistle blows!