The 42 Lists Project – Guess What This List Denotes

August 30, 2016

I was going to title this post “Listing to One Side” but that wasn’t as clear as the SEO-friendly title I used. Regardless, on with the content…

When crafting a list, I get caught up in the symmetry of numbers. Instead of a list with two, four or six items, I lean to the traditional three, five or ten.


Bearing that in mind – and facing a cool writing challenge – here’s my list of ten items. Feel free to leave a comment guessing what this list is of. Enjoy!

James Bond

Encyclopedia Brown

The Flash


The Hardy Boys

Sherlock Holmes

Ham Sandwich


Ferris Bueller

Hercule Poirot

There are a bunch of others that could go interchangeably into this list, but I’m happy with this group.