Adding Photo Content to My Social Media Empire

September 23, 2014

Content. It’s anything you share with an audience. This means anything, from fortune cookie fortune to maniacal manifesto qualifies as content. I’m saying right at the beginning that not all content is good content, but practically anything fits the definition. That aside, I’m adding a new realm of content to my repertoire…photography.


While I’ve been crafting photos for decades (I submitted photos to UPI in the late 1980s and have had photos published in newspapers and magazines going back to 1990), this foray has a more creative edge. I’m creating fine-art photographs, offering event coverage photography services, and weaving in social support to the visual products I create.




You can see my artistic pieces at or in person at the KJM Gallery on Front Street in Scituate, MA. You can view my social media photos on my Instagram page or visit my Flickr collection for photos of Adobe, SXSW, CES and other worldwide events.


Let me know what you think of this additional move toward creating more content. Is seeing believing?