Another Monday.

October 29, 2009

I missed the joy of Monday morning this week because I was under the thumb of the flu. Stuck in the house I missed out on hearing stories from colleagues about what they did on the weekend – the whole premise behind my A Life of Play Podcast. But I made up for it tonight with an interview for that very same show.

For about 45 minutes, JC Hutchins and I chatted about writing and science and social media. It was invigorating – especially a few days away from Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month which begins on Nov. 1) – to speak with a writer who has done it. And by done it I mean reached a publisher with a novel.

A Life of Play – JC Hutchins

Sure, in social media everyone has an ebook or a business theory book – I’ve been to more signings this year than I went to the entire time I had my own book out in the early 200’s. But writing and getting a novel published is different. That’s the dream

Write your novel. Move to France and write a novel. Maybe I’ll take a sabbatical and write a novel.

These sentiments aren’t actually from me…or originally from me…they’re repeated all the time by anyone who wields a pen or whacks a keyboard. AND JC Hutchins has done it.


In 2002 he tried Nanowrimo and it spurred him to write a 1200 page novel. He then released it in podcast form and kept working toward getting over the threshold of a publisher’s office door. It worked.

Better still, he’s maintained the belief that social media and traditional writing worlds are still dissimilar enough that he can give the book away and still sell copies in book form. So there’s a copy here for you to have.

7th Son – PDF from JC Hutchins

Take it, read it, share it. If you want, go buy it in book form too. Or listen to the podcasts.

This day…a few days removed from Monday…I’ve got my weekly hero. A guy who did what he wanted and had fun at the same time. It’s a good way to live.

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