Apple Store Derby Street – My Concerns

August 1, 2011

*****UPDATED 7:15PM*****

After a very pleasant exchange with the head Genius at Derby Street, we got my mother’s computer back and her new 13-Inch Macbook Air AND got the service we fully expected when she dropped $1800 at the store last Friday.

What occurs to me is that somebody at the store should be paying more attention to customer service and the backroom scheduling. There’s no reason we should have to wait 72 hours to move 4GB of data from one computer to another.

Your thoughts?


4:30PM – Apple Store – Derby Street Shoppes

I’m just going to ask a few questions and then let you answer them. They’re based on a recent – and by recent I mean CURRENT – experience I had at the Apple Store Derby Street. I’m sitting at a Personal Setup bar at the Apple Store typing this on a 13-inch Macbook Air. Not the same Macbook Air I’m picking up for my mother, but one that is happily sitting here for people to use.

So, here are my questions?

1 – Would you continue to do business with a company that promised your computer in 24-48 hours and then kept you waiting nearly 72 hours for a product you purchased?

2 – Would you voice your displeasure to the person answering the phone when they had trouble spelling the name JEFF three times?

3 – Would you tell two friends and let them tell two friends about your experience with an Apple Genius staff that was unfamiliar with using “sneaker net” to move files from an older laptop to the new laptop?

4 – Would you be surprised that they dealt with my mother far differently than they dealt with me? Both on the phone and in person.

Have you any Apple devices? Does the sleek, amazing design and capability make up for sometimes poor and boorish customer service?

I wait for your comments.