Audiovox – Promises, TV and Books

January 6, 2010

Want to watch TV from your car or other vehicle? Audiovox announced a few moments ago that their FLOTV product is already in the marketplace and will be appearing in more places over the course of 2010.

FLOTV, if youre not familiar, is live television programming in your car. Integrated into existing headrest screens, the unit features a small antenna and simple remotes.

From my perspective, the FLOTV is cool. From consumers’ standpoint – according to Auidovox reps – it’s an easier way to enjoy entertainment in the car.

Some of the numbers…

There are 20 million screens in cars ready for FLOTV

Already shipping everywhere.

Plan is to get FLOTV into cars all over the world.

PTV is the portable version of FLOTV.

Finally, during the event, Audiovox announced their RCA e-book reader, the Lexi.

But what’s better than having a random e-book reader is that Auidovox has partnered with Barnes & Noble to deliver content to Lexi owners.

That’s a big deal. And it may continue to level the e-book landscape.

What’s your take?