Backward and Forward

January 1, 2010

January 1 is a time for gyms to fill up, for hangover cures to be tested and for a mindset of renewal to take place. As a child we used to giggle at my father’s assertion that he was perfect and therefore didn’t need to focus on resolutions or improvement. After embracing this attitude we’d don our ski clothes and hit the slopes (New Year’s morning is the absolute best time to ski because skiers party hard and the mountains remain empty on January 1 until about noon).


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Used with Creative Commons Permission.

As I look back and admit that I’m not quite perfect, I wanted to thank the people in social media who have had an influence on me since I’ve been actively splashing about in the fishbowl. I’m not going to rush all the way back to 1997 when I started a Web rehab firm with two friends, or to 1999 when I began blogging, or even to my first tweet three years ago.

What I will do is share a neat little tool with you and then list out all my Twitter friends – barring some random Twitter burp that has purged people from my list. It’s my take on a massive, New Year’s Day Follow Friday. The tool is called Tweetake and it allows you to backup your Twitter info. Tweets, people, faves, etc., all into a csv.xls file. That’s Excel for those of you unfamiliar with file extensions.

With that downloaded list, you can then organize this data any which way you choose. I choose to give you a massive list of linked names over the next few pages. If you follow me and don’t see your name there, leave a comment. If you see others you might want to follow, just click on their name and start following them. You’re empowered.

Aside from that, I want to wish everyone who reads any of my Jeff Cutler blogs (20+ and growing), or my traditional media writing (half a dozen outlets pay me to write these days), Keep Reading! That’s actually my main resolution this year. I’m not perfect – as much as I hoped heredity might have helped – and I definitely don’t read enough. To that end, please share links to things you think I should read. I’ll give them a look. Happy New Year!

*Because of memory issues, I’m breaking the list over four posts.