In FAVOR of Boloco

December 9, 2010

I dislike asking for favors. It puts me behind the eight-ball and I like having the power that comes (real or imagined) from having done a favor FOR someone. Occasionally, I have to give up that power and reach out to my great network of friends and colleagues. Today, I was again thrilled that the world is as imagine it Рa spinning blue ball with altruistic and helpful people aboard for the ride. And Boloco made that happen.

Want the W’s? Here you go…

Who – Jeff and NomX3 looking for a catering company to assist us with an on-site office lunch taping.

What – I dropped the ball and waited far too long to contact our catering sponsor. When I finally called, they were in a time crunch and were short staffed. So I needed to find a restaurant that offers a variety of food options and could handle the short-notice of catering for an office crowd.

When – Today, just minutes ago. Seriously. I tweeted my problem at 9:30, I had an answer by 10. Boloco also does catering if you weren’t aware. Seriously! And they do it with style.

So, the hero in this play of Jeff’s planning mishap is Boloco. Really. The burrito chain has been open and supportive in the past and I asked if they might have the bandwidth to assist our show with some food for a small office. They didn’t blink.¬†In 15 minutes we had hashed out a menu and plan for today that got me out of a bind and further cemented my belief that there is a right way to run a business. Look at Boloco and that’s the right way.

Now, I’m running around the house trying to collect the cats and get out the door. But my major concern for today was the food for NomX3 at Kel & Partners in Southie and that’s taken care of.

Do you have a favorite favor story? Either where you helped someone or they helped you? Please share it. In today’s world of SocMed connected people and organizations, it’s much more likely that people you’ve only met online have reached out to help you out of a bind.