BostonNow no longer

May 13, 2008

This post is probably about a month late, but it seems that when newspapers gobble up each other or drop off the map, there is very little in the way of fanfare.

I only found out today that the free daily paper in Boston – BostonNow – has shuttered its doors and is no longer in operation.

I contributed a bunch of column-length blog posts for the interactive part of the paper and was featured a few times in the print version. Silly me for thinking they’d be around long enough for me to use them as a basis for my clips.

Well, I’ll now update some of my links and look for the next great venue to print my work. Perhaps I should have provided them with more content but somewhere in my heart I didn’t feel that it was right to give it away for free.

C’est la vie. BostonNow will be missed and I can’t help but think I could have helped them remain in business if they had been more open to additional voices.

Keep reading – and read everything you can. It’s the readership that keeps papers and magazines afloat!