CES Fail!

January 5, 2010

As you can see from the photo below, the press room at the Venetian is tiny, horribly outfitted and did I mention tiny.

What has reportedly happened for 2010 is that CEA – the organization that puts on the show – decided that with so few exhibits at the Venetian, they didn’t need to fully outfit a press room.

There are two computers, a handful of Ethernet jacks, no printers and a grand total of 29 chairs and two couches for ALL PRESS and BLOGGERS.

That’s to accommodate the approx. 5000 registered press attending the show.

Even though there are major press conferences, CES Unveiled and other press-specific meeting here all week long.

Curious. It’s like they’ve never done this before.

Photo was taken with my back to the far wall. I suppose I won’t be the only reporter who feels that way this week.