May 5, 2008

No, not the sabbatical but my latest handful of assignments.

As any of you who have followed my writing career closely would be aware, I have written columns and pieces for a multitude of biking magazines. On of these is SingleTracks, the magazine of the New England Mountain Bike Association.

Well, I have just submitted a longer feature article to them as well as an event recap with photos. This might signal a change in my involvement with the magazine because each of these pieces is more reporting and interviewing that it is column writing.

Further, I retain the rights to everything I submit to the magazine so I can provide these articles and sell either second rights or reprint rights to various publications.

This is exciting for me because it opens up my possible venues to those magazines (like Reader’s Digest and Utne Reader) that are primarily reprint driven.

I’ll keep you informed on where these recent pieces might show up next.

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