Content – Jeff Cutler-style

September 7, 2010

So, I’m sitting here on Labor Day writing five blog posts at once. I won’t post this right now because the blog has too much recent stuff on it and I might as well leverage the clock in my favor. But suffice it to say, I’m content-rich right now.

And content is the critical element behind social-media success. Seriously. Too few people realize this. In fact, content is the sole factor in all marketing success and therefore in 90%+ of all sales success. Without descriptions or understanding of a product, service or a brand, how can anyone decide to align themselves with those things?

To follow that thought, affinity grows from experience and experience develops from an introduction. And an introduction is made possible through content. With me so far?

That said, I’m riffing today on why so many groups spend so little time focusing inwardly instead of looking to recognize and identify the audiences that might actually buy their product. This won’t be a diatribe, it’s just going to be a few simple questions that I’d like YOU to answer.

1 – What is your favorite company or brand (can’t be one that you work for or have a stake in)?

2 – How did you first learn about the company or brand?

3 – Why do they still impress, comfort, stir you?

4 – Does this relationship encourage you to buy from them?

5 – How long do you think this relationship/affinity will last?

That’s it. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!