Donuts Donuts Donuts

June 6, 2008

Writing the script for podcasts is one of the fun things I get to do as master of my domain – literally. But it’s actually quite easy because when I write my columns for publication, they’re written in a voice that can be easily transferred to the spoken work.

Take, for instance, many of the past episodes of Bowl of Cheese podcast. They frequently feature a transcript that’s nearly word-for-word the written column that sparked my idea for and episode.

This week’s podcast episode – see the transcript here – is all about National Donut Day and Donut Tuesday. I invented the latter about half a dozen years ago and the former came into being in 1938.

This week also marks the first time in 44 episodes that I’ve put out BOC within a week of itself. This will become easier now that I have a rich library of content from which to choose.

You see, writing columns a couple times a week now gives me a ton of possible topics on which to rant. And if you’ve never listened to Bowl of Cheese podcast, it’s only 3-5 minutes of diatribe and humor. You can subscribe at iTunes or via the Bowl of Cheese site.

So, take a moment today to enjoy a donut and a podcast. And have a great weekend.

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