Downtown Boston Rotary Club

September 6, 2010

You know the phone call you get as you’re pulling into your driveway after your commute home? Phone perched in the crook of your neck, you’re reaching for your briefcase, shutting off the radio, grabbing the keys and trying to remember if the guy on the end of the line is named Matt or Mark.

(Photo used is from this blog post – )

Legs crossed because you have to pee, you hobble away from the car, take the phone in your hand and put the keys on your pinky so they’re ready for the front door. Mark is talking about charity and his organization and how he met you at some conference and looked up your credentials. He wants you to be a guest speaker at his next event.

Flattered, and with the bathroom in sight, you ask him to email you the details and promise to figure out a way to make it work.

That’s not QUITE how it went down last spring when Mark Connell contacted me to speak at the Downtown Boston Rotary Club, but the result is the same. I’m presenting tomorrow at their formal meeting at the UMass Club and they’ve let me know that the meeting is open and anyone can attend. Here’s the sign-up/event page.

If you can make it, great. If not, you’ll be missed and you’ll be missing an opportunity. No, not to see me…to see the two guys I’m speaking with AND to connect with Rotary Club members who might present opportunities for you to do business.

Also on the docket (and ignore the way the page is written – I am NOT a guru and the discussion will be a collaborative panel, not just me sharing social media knowledge nuggets) are David Cutler and Mike Langford.

Each guy comes at the business world with extensive experience — and each has found a way to meld that experience with strong social media insight and skill. It’s a powerful combination of knowledge for anyone trying to run a business in 2010/2011.

While the model is slowly changing, social media is becoming an operational facet for many companies. But many are still behind the curve. Tomorrow’s discussion will provide some pointers – and a forum for you to ask specific questions – about social media and today’s businesses.

Hope to see you there.

*By the way, there’s also a charity component I’ve been asked to share. The Downtown Boston Rotary is organizing a race down the Greenway (2.6 miles or so). It’s a non-profit event and here’s the link if you’re interested in running or contributing.