Ex communities adveho verum

September 12, 2011

Today, I’m talking about take-aways at the Gravity Summit. Just heard from Greg Shove of Halogen Media who told the audience that from influencers comes truth. Or as the title of this post says, from communities comes truth.

Is that really the way businesses should be trying to get customers and subsequently be trying to leverage those first customers to get more customers? Maybe that’s how it works.┬áThink about your affinity for brands. Think about how you are emotionally or logically tied to products. Then think what your price would be to share your love of a brand with your friends.

Finally, if a brand found your price and met it, would you put your voice/face/reputation out there for a brand? Which companies would never get your support? Which ones would you support – or do you support already – for little or no compensation?