Feature scouting or scooting

May 22, 2008

A few weeks ago I sent a query on a scooter-shop feature to a magazine. I’m now sitting at the counter in the scooter shop I want to write about, but I haven’t heard back from the editor of that magazine.

In the interest of saving gas, I’m going to get some info from the guys at the store and use that info to write my pieces if/when I find an editor who wants to hear about the scooter-buying process.

Here’s a snippet from a query letter I wrote selling this feature (if you’re an editor and have interest in buying this article, leave a comment here or send me an email – jeff (at) jeffcutler (dot) com).

Four trips to Europe since 2004 have filled my mind and scrapbook with images of scooters. These pervasive memories prompted me to start shopping in earnest for my own scooter last summer, and I’ve been kicking tires and test riding these gas-sipping, two-wheeled conveyances since then.

I’d like to do some more shopping with my notebook in hand to create a feature article on scooters for your readers.

My scooter evaluations have taken me from Cape Cod to Key West, FL to Somerville to Providence, RI. I’ve learned along the way that there’s a world’s worth of information people should consider before hopping on these ‘cute’ little vehicles.

For this article I plan to interview scooter owners about their experiences. I plan to speak with gas station owners about their perceptions of scooters. I plan to include scooter shop owner perspectives. And I plan to include my own recap of my scooter adventures…possibly culminating with my purchase of a scooter this month.

Overall, I plan to explore the viability of scooters as commuter and recreational vehicles in our region. I plan to also focus on the benefits and dangers of these unique machines.

The feature would be 900-1000 words with an accompanying sidebar highlighting what everyone should know about scooters. I can provide photographs for this feature, but would gladly provide you with my interview list and plan of attack if you prefer to have your own photographer shoot this article.

How’s that?

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