Financials and a look at social media activity

June 15, 2009

It occurred to me the other afternoon that my cats don’t have to worry about food or kittly litter…YET!

They lead unencumbered lives and are free to nap whenever they please. They could even use Twitter and Facebook if the cat maker had given them opposable thumbs instead of those useless annoying toe claws.

I’m not that way. Neither do I have a claw on my toes or a sugar Jeffrey to keep me in marshmallows and Powerade. While that might just be an idle musing, I found out the other day that my financials support wouldn’t weep if they had an influx of cash. Luckily I’ve been planning.

As most people know, I do four things well…

I’m a kickin’ content creator in a variety of forms
I’m a friendly and effective networker
I’m a marketing expert and skilled trainer and
I’m a superior writer and journalist.

Were you in my shoes, surrounded by social-media activity and a market hungry to enter the fray, what would you do?

My answer – tweak my 17-year-old content company so that its mainstays are new media services and content services including:

A comprehensive menu or corporate new-media training and tools for all levels of employees;
Content services that include blogging and tweeting within defined campaigns and brand-building efforts;
Corporate and customer profile writing for use in existing and new-media materials;
Intensive training for the folks in the creative department who don’t already know about social media’s power and reach;
and a selection of other interactive activity that can help educate clients on the social-media world.

How’s it going? Perfectly.

This week I’ll be present at no fewer than eight networking events, I have two speaking engagements and I already have marketing assignments from two new clients.

How can you help? With your feedback and your attention.

On Wednesday I’ll be speaking on the syndicated show The Skeptical CMO. This Webinar covers everything a concerned Chief Marketing Officer might ask. Wednesday’s session is on timing your jump into the social-media fray.

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Then Thursday I’m continuing my social-media world tour with a session for the Metro-West Chamber of Commerce.

As you’re likely aware, the following organizations have either already hired me to present or have expressed an interest in having me speak with them or to their organization about the power of social media…

AIM Mutual Insurance Companies
Brookstone Corporation
5 Bites Cupcakes
Grampys Charities
HMR Diet
Metro-West Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Women Business Owners
Salty Legs Career Club
Society of Professional Journalists

If you want to be next, or have questions about what goes into using social media for business, leave a comment on this blog post. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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