Foot Fetish, Podcamp Boston 4 #pcb4

August 10, 2009


This weekend marked the fourth time in four years that I gathered together with geeks and marketing professionals (more marketing professionals this year than ever before) in a conference setting to aimlessly float through the madness that is Podcamp.

Well, aimless isn’t really correct. When I arrive at Podcamp – be it at Bunker Hill Community College (2006) or UMASS Boston (2009) – I am looking to meet new people, learn at least one thing that changes my life, and laugh a little.

Podcast Boston 4 (tagged #pcb4 in Twitter and elsewhere) went far beyond my expectations.

As I sit at Barnes & Noble bogarting the Wifi and ogling the books, I’m staring at a stack of business cards taller than a croissant wondering how I missed connecting with so many great people before.

I mean, seriously – or SRSLY! – I’ve been hanging around the digital and social media space for the better part of half a decade and people like Kara Brickman, Tim Stansky, Ron Ploof, Michelle Riggen-Ransom, Leah Busque and about thirteen gazillion other folks have never brightened my doorway.

Well, now they have and I’m smiling. Even as I struggle through getting my NeatReceipts scanner to figure out how to read the massive pile of creatively designed and colored business cards that have arrived in my life.

Were you at Podcamp? Please share your thoughts about conference take-aways and what you get out of being nose-to-nose, elbow-to-elbow and smile-to-smile with 300 other people for 10 hours a day.

Oh, even the people who weren’t there affected the conversations we enjoyed.


Finally, the two-feet thing in the title…that refers to the greatest invention before or since the Apple iPhone. It’s a photo of Christopher S. Penn’s feet during the opening-day welcome message. The significance is that learning is up to you and if you don’t use your own two feet to propel you toward education, you are the only person to blame.

Use your two feet. Go to events where you get smarter and more connected. Do it. Do it now!

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