Ford Focus – Amazing Race – SocMed Rally

October 12, 2010

When the phone rang the other night, I ignored it. I’m like that. If I’ve got my stories on TV I don’t want to be disturbed. But I was willing to look at the transcribed text that came across after the caller left a message*.

*Google Voicemail transcribes your messages and then sends you a text of that voicemail. It’s awesome!

Turns out that a woman named Rita was recruiting for the Focus Rally America and I had already made it to the next round of interviews/casting calls. That’s right, Jeff Cutler in Ford’s version of the Amazing Race. Can you imagine that?

Neither could I. So I called Rita today and found out it was all real. Ford is putting together a five-week show on Hulu, supported by social media, where teams of two will drive somewhere and do something (details to come I hope). The winning team will get $100,000 and a pair of 2012 Ford Foci (Focuses?). What’s not to love?

Do you want in? Are you in Boston? Then come to the Vault Room at McFadden’s on 148 State Street next Wednesday, October 20, from 5-8PM. The casting crew will be interviewing teams of two for the show.

Sounds exciting to me. Now I’ve got to find out who my second driver – or naviguesser – will be. Any ideas?