Frantic Thursday

March 27, 2008

My concerns:

The sabbatical is moving along nicely, but I’d like to have some more feedback from pro’s.
Human interaction is limited to an occasional Twitter or email
Response time on many pubs is ridiculously long
Markets are out of date on Writer’s Market Website and that’s not what I paid for.

My delights:

Responses to my work have come in, so it’s not as if I’m working in a vacuum.
There is no shortage of ideas. I’m guessing that gaining 3 hours per day of writing and thinking time has helped.
Query ideas are also plentiful.
I’m pretty motivated and am accomplishing at least 80% of my daily tasks.
I’ve entered a bunch of contests, done some podcasts and written more than a column per week so far.

Overall, the sabbatical is a pleasure. I’m excited for more responses and for getting rolling in more heavy projects like the books and screenplay. Also need to line up some informational interviews with some columnist names and some influential editors. Will work on all that through the next week and beyond.

If there’s a particular question you have about the sabbatical or the writing process, contact me here in the comments. Keep reading!