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November 24, 2008

For a couple years now I’ve been getting some of my freelance assignments through Freelance Daily. It’s a newsletter that comes out…wait for it…daily. It offers up a concise aggregate of freelance writing gigs. I love the newsletter and I love that Suzanne has put so much effort into a project that helps so many writers.

Now, Suzanne is offering a blog marketing course and also running a contest for writers. Here’s the link to her post on the subject and here’s the link to vote for her as a great blog marketing genius.

If she’s in any way as skilled at blog marketing techniques as she is at running Freelance Daily, it’s well worth the $300. Take a look.

As for my writing pursuits, I’m at 43,000+ words in NaNoWriMo and hope to wrap up the novel tomorrow, November 25. That’s only 7000 words in a day. Then I can start the fun of editing and making the bare bones have a lot of flesh on them.

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