Gary Vaynerchuk, Crushit, NomX3 and Awe

October 17, 2009

Last night, Mike Langford and I hosted an event for 150+ people at the Estate in Boston. The event was organized to celebrate the release of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crush It” and to do a live taping of NomX3 and WingmanTV.

In a nutshell, we drank some questionable wine, we taped two television shows, we had some laughs on stage and on the floor, Gary signed about 150 books, we hobnobbed from 6PM to nearly 1AM (afterparties at Silvertone and PF Chang’s), and learned a lot about how far passion can bring you in life.


The evening was a rousing success. Our sponsors made it possible to have Gary V in town and I’d like to thank them again for participating. They are:

PerkettPR, Ace Ticket, Brilliant Video, Tweetworks, BuzzBall, Emmi and Sweetwater. Give these links a click to see what these organizations are about.

If by some circumstance you missed it, here are some of the people who were there – (taken from the eventbrite signup list) – and we’ll have the episode of NomX3 with Gary V up shortly.

If you were there, please leave your comments about the night here on this post.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

  • Kathy Lamphier

  • Kamille Carthy

  • Charlotte Birkner, Babson College

  • Larry Sax

  • Pamela Crowley

  • Clair Wyant

  • Ali Pincus, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

  • Carissa O”Brien, Red Box Communications

  • janine silvera

  • Genni Kurtzman, Hooksett NH Public Schools

  • Joyce Elven

  • Jodi Teal

  • Jennifer Montfort

  • Jenny Mackintosh

  • Jennifer Troutman

  • Katherine Sadler

  • Ian Hyman

  • anthony caturano

  • Chris Tassone

  • Michelle Shapiro

  • Alice Hu

  • rich silver

  • frank turano

  • Amy Petty

  • Jean Terranova

  • Elizabeth Michaeli

  • Steve Horwitz, morgan stanley

  • sheri singer, bloomingdales

  • Ellen Rossano, Crisis Media Consultants

  • tom genereux

  • david adams

  • Howard Nager

  • Cathy Huyghe, Red Whtie Boston

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