Gear Giveaway – On JetBlue NerdBird 1 – SXSW Prep

March 7, 2012

One of my colleagues and friends – friend first and colleague second, I suppose – suggested I stroll into my walk-in gadget closet at the Tiny Bungalow and collect some stuff to give away. He – Jim Storer is his name – also implied that I should distribute this gear on the Jetblue flight to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. So I agreed.

If you’re in the gate area or on the 8:45am Jetblue flight to Austin, TX tomorrow – that’s flight 1263 at 8:45 from Boston – then I’ll be handing out some of the following schwag. Please tweet at me or leave a comment on this blog post if you’d like to put in dibs for an item.

*Folks I already know who are on this flight include CC Chapman, Steve Garfield, Clarence, Jenny Frazier and Jim Storer.

Here’s the run-down to the best of my memory. I packed the gear giveaway bag last night…

Earbud accessories
Callpod charger
Staples Easy Button
Three-port extension cord
Dexim iPhone car charger
Fusegear phone stands
NautiCase for iPhone 4 (waterproof)
Keystone Marine Case for iPhone 4 (waterproof)
DryCase Tablet Bag (waterproof – fits an iPad)
LensPen cleaning kit with Sidekick cleaning pads
Multiple USB drives in 1GB – 4GB sizes
a brand-new duffle bag from CES 2011
and an umbrella I might keep for myself

So, who wants what? Tweet me or leave your comments here. See you tomorrow!