Head, shoulders, knees, toes and fingers

September 2, 2009

I’ve been typing a lot lately but it hasn’t been on my dozen plus sites. That’s because some clients have actually called me in to create text genius and it’s taken me away from my blogs, Twitter and even my WWJCE.com site.

But an event I covered the other day had my fingers in knots. I tweeted 260 times or so during this event as I covered it for a social media group. It was Gravity Summit and it took place Monday.

Take a look at the pre-event video. I’m in there hamming it up at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MA.

#GravSum Pregame Warmup from Schneider Mike on Vimeo.

Next up are a few tech reviews and then I’ll be back on the horse…errr keyboard and invading your consciousness.

Thanks for your patience.

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