If Hemingway had Twitter

January 10, 2015

One of my failings is to compare myself to – and strive to be as accomplished as – writers like Hemingway and Gardener and Parker. Though this exercise inspires and drives me, it sometimes takes me wandering into alternate universes. Not the kind that Asimov – another literary hero – might create, but universes where these authors were my contemporaries.


Then I place their thoughts into social media and I understand why they were probably perfectly fine in their day and time. Though I think Hemingway would have prospered and built up a magnificent Klout score had he been around during Twitter.

Some Twitter updates Hemingway might have sent…

“Anyone know how to get bull snot out of white pants?”

“What the heck kitten, are you a mutant? What’s with the paws with so many extra toes?”

“Rum, it’s what’s for breakfast. #wwehe”

Fortunately, some authors are here with us now and have access to social media. As an example, I like to see Stephen King talk about the Red Sox and events around New England.

Have you got a favorite author/writer/poet who inspires you? And if so, what would they do if they were on social? How would they communicate?