Hot Time, Summer in the City – Social Media Madness

April 26, 2009

My calendar looks like a Sharpie pen collection threw up on it. From personal appointments with friends, physicians and scooter mechanics to a variety of valuable networking and technology events, this week is jammed to the gills.

I know my friends Joselin Mane and Rachel Levy have put together a tracking service to alert people to social-media events, but I wanted to share my schedule and I invite you to share yours.

Mostly, this exercise is to see if I can connect with you as I bounce around Boston this week. What’s on your docket? Where will you be? Please share in the comments.

Here’s my plan….

Call Belgium
Write articles for two clients
Edit some Web content
Work on additional blog posts
Start developing my 15 Sites in 15 Minutes presentation for the Salty Legs Career Club
Meet with Deval Patrick – governor of Massachusetts – and discuss some of the Commonwealth’s tech issues – including why the schools in the state are all banned from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites (while there are educational initiatives on the national level that ask Massachusetts and other states to incorporate social media tools in their curriculum)
Boston Skeptics in the Pub at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square

Social Media Breakfast – Live at Puma City
Tech Tuesday – Gadgets and Gathering
Meet with collaborators for #iroadtrip 2 planning (tentative meeting)
Man-on-the-street interviews in Boston

Client meeting – via phone and in person from 9AM to 3PM
Extreme Website Makeover 6 to 8:30PM
Mediabistro Networking Event at 6B Lounge 6:30 to 8:30
WBUR Tweetup at the radio station 6:30 start
Red Sox Tweetup at Dillon’s on Boylston Street 6:30 to 11PM
***For these evening events, I’ll be shuttling to and fro via scooter. Probably going to MediaBistro, Extreme Website, WBUR and then Dillon’s – in that order – if you want to meet up.***

Social Media Summit – What’s the ROI of Social Media?
Client meetings
Random writing and reporting
and a Networking Event for which I’ve had to sign an NDA so I can’t reveal location or topic

Salty Legs Career Club – Presenting 15 Sites in 15 Minutes: Where you need to go/What you need to know

How’s that for a three-hour tour?

Please share yours, and keep reading!