I was a premee, and nothing has changed

August 18, 2009

I’m sitting in a cushy chair at the Asgard in Central Square, Cambridge, MA, waiting for an event that starts in about two hours.

Am I an idiot?

Some people might say so, but when I signed on to co-host the Ford Taurus event tonight I immediately got worried about letting down the legacy of the Ford family. Seriously.

When a quartet of us went across the heartland of America this year, we went with the help of Ford and I can’t impress upon you how cool that experience was. We got to create content about some of the greatest innovators of our time – from Ford (of course) to Zappos and Nationwide Insurance and Makers Mark and Louisville Slugger (who started by making butter churns and on a whim turned to baseball bats).

So tonight’s event has me jacked up too. It’s been organized entirely with the reach of a few social media folks and the power of Ford. Scott Monty should be thanked for remembering his friends back home – Thanks Scott! If you don’t know, Scott is the voice of Ford on Twitter and has kept that company afloat by keeping the bigwigs in touch with buyers like you and me.

But enough of that. What makes me silly is my premature attitude when it comes to events, dates, occasions and engagements. I need to be early.

I spent my formative months waiting to grow large enough to go home from the hospital and with the help of Mike Langford I’m trying to keep my weight up. At 4lbs, 4oz. I was certainly a premee.

I’m no longer 4/4 but I still maintain that it’s good to be early.

So here I sit a few hours before the event waiting for Ford representatives, 40 close friends and some soon-to-be friends to show up.

I don’t want to be premature here and say it’s gonna be a blast…oh, wait a minute, sure I do.

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