I’m a reader. Location-Based Marketing…and other books.

August 25, 2011

The package arrived earlier today and I grabbed it away from the cat and ripped into it. Inside was a book – nay, a guide – that explained to anyone who would sit still long enough in one place (irony) how to understand, incorporate and use location-based services in the marketing of your business or product.

I immediately took it to the bathroom…where I weighed it. The book is pretty light, but I think that’s a factor of the paper stock they used. Because in information, the book is really chock-full of content. I gave it a read and then promptly put it in one of the locations (irony or coincidence) in the Bungalow where I keep other books by smart people.

While you can get your own copy of Location-Based Marketing for Dummies here, you will have to fight collectors and the folks at Antiques Roadshow pretty hard to get copies of the other books pictured. They’re by people like…

CC_ChapmanGary VaynerchukBrian HalliganMelanie Notkin, Dan Brown, George Will, Joe JaffeShel Israel, Spencer Johnson, Steve Garfield and Ann Handley.

Just look for their books in these photos. If I missed your book in these shots, leave a comment in the comments. Ultimately, reading books is what separates us from those who don’t read books. I think if you fall into the former category and not the latter (and know what latter means), you should pick up your own copy of Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider’s Location-Based Marketing for Dummies. I did a REAL REVIEW of the book over at my gadget reporter site.

To steal a tagline, it’s everywhere you want to be.