It’s not writer’s block

June 19, 2008

Pure and simple, the only reason I can find for the lack of progress in a writer’s world (and I’m using mine as the current example) is sheer procrastination and ambivalence.

The last three weeks have presented me with a handful of quasi projects. These are the kind that don’t have a deadline and are purely speculative. Stuff like creating the outline for a novel, writing a feature article for which the queries have been rejected numerous times, and writing up product reviews that can’t be completed because my time with the products has been minimal.

Along with those mini roadblocks I have just returned from a body-altering session with two high school friends in Atlanta. The four days I spent with them probably did enough damage to me to last a few months, so getting back on the writing horse has been difficult.

For example, my right shoulder is garbage from throwing the baseball with them and from paddling down the Chattahoochee. My left hip is bruised beyond belief from a line drive in the batting cage. My liver may have some alcohol-related issues. And my immune system is probably weakened from the multiple planes I inhabited getting to and from Atlanta.

So, it’s now THURSDAY and I’m finally poised to get back on the keys. But ahead of me is a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, some house guests and a full house cleaning. Which means that my writing will have to be shoehorned in between all manner of other activities.

Seems like I probably should have continued freelancing for my many clients and just wrote when I had time. The only difference would have been that I’d be pulling in cash instead of gobbling up sabbatical savings.

C’est la vie. It’s the writer’s life I suppose.

Complaining done. Back to the laptop.

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