It’s up to you. And three links.

May 5, 2011

When looking around the social media universe, you’ll find a lot of people spouting off techniques to use to make yourself more prominent and effective. These techniques are usually great – IF. YOU. USE. THEM. But without going forward with the effort it takes to blog regularly or scour the Internet for great pieces of content to educate yourself, you’re doomed to failure and a job at a big box store.

So, start your positive journey and poke around the ‘net with a purpose from now on. Don’t just play Angry Birds or Sky Burger on your iPhone – use your powers for good.

That’s enough soapboxing, now for three links I found on the Web that I want to share.

Mashable’s Daily Deals infographic that shows how the deals posts we’re getting in our inboxes each day measure up to one another.

A post on what makes Boston great – other than everything.

And a sign-up page for a Web analytics event on May 23. It’s way over my head, but you might like it.

What did you see online today? And are you ready to get some success for yourself?