Jeff Cutler bathed in oil

July 31, 2010

The first week of #ioilspill has wrapped up and it’s been a ton of fun, eye-opening in ways I never considered and a challenge of all my journalistic and social media skills.

I’ve spoken with folks who have great insight into how and why the spill happened and what’s going on now with the clean-up. I’ve taken a TON of photos of both BP and spill-related items as well as historic New Orleans and Gulf Coast sights.

And I’m looking forward to the week ahead. If you’ve got questions about the coverage. If you’ve got comments you want to share. If you think your organization wants to create its own Informational Road Trip*. Leave all those thoughts in the comments here and I’ll get back to you.

*An iRoadTrip is NOT a PR blitz. It is a content-creation journey to an event, through an area, during a calendar period – and the content created by Jeff Cutler and team is unbiased and journalistic. It includes the entire gamut of media and requires a real commitment. If your company or organization is unsure that it wants to engage its audience in this way, or if you’re afraid of what the world might say about your products and services, then stay away. iRoadTrip projects show the good, the bad and the ugly behind brands and events. In most cases, the news is good and the response is positive, but this isn’t an easy way to get Google juice. It’s a strategic and professional way to share your company’s workings with the planet. Still with me? Send an email to and we can chat about specifics.