Jeff Cutler – Social Media Three Answers – Chris Rauschnot

September 2, 2010

Here’s the next set of answers from Chris Rauschnot, Twitter whiz, Las Vegas celebrity and tech genius. He’s the author of The Mac Wizard blog.

1. I subscribe to one third of the amount of paper magazines than I did two years ago.

2. Twitter should be a social media service that people use to communicate back, forth and with retweets, rather than just for broadcasting a personal or brand message.

3. YouTube videos illicit either a positive response or a very negative one from people and brands.

If you’d like to provide your answers for this project, send them to me at jeff (at) jeffcutler [dot] com. I’ll put them in the queue and they’ll appear in the order received. *Also include your Twitter handle and one link you’d like included in the post.