Jeff Cutler – Social Media Three Answers – Don Martelli

August 26, 2010

I’ve interviewed a number of social media luminaries and asked them to give me their answers to three questions. To make this game fun, in a Jeff Cutler sort of way, I told them that they could pick the questions. I further told them that they didn’t have to reveal the questions, just provide me with the answers.

Here’s the next set of answers from Don Martelli of MS&L – Boston a local public relations firm.

1. When the ball went through Bill Bucker’s legs in the 1986 World Series

2. I’d only consider it if you threw in Jennifer Anniston

3. Bouncing off the tires of a massive tractor trailer, in a blizzard, while I drive my Chevy Chevette

If you’d like to provide your answers for this project, send them to me at jeff (at) jeffcutler [dot] com. I’ll put them in the queue and they’ll appear in the order received. *Also include your Twitter handle and one link you’d like included in the post.