Jeff Cutler – Social Media Three Answers – Tyson Goodridge

August 22, 2010

I’ve interviewed a number of social media luminaries and asked them to give me their answers to three questions. To make this game fun, in a Jeff Cutler sort of way, I told them that they could pick the questions. I further told them that they didn’t have to reveal the questions, just provide me with the answers.

Here’s the first set of answers from Tyson Goodridge of Dialogue – a Boston Social Media Services firm.

1. I was young, and I REALLY needed the money

2. Dewars, Mexican food and Skoal Long Cut

3. A golf handicap of 15, NY Rangers win Stanley Cup again

If you’d like to provide your answers for this project, send them to me at jeff (at) jeffcutler [dot] com. I’ll put them in the queue and they’ll appear in the order received. *Also include your Twitter handle and one link you’d like included in the post.