Local Mayor Doesn’t Care if Students are in School until July.

December 18, 2008

A Boston-area politician decided Thursday to declare a snow emergency a full 21 hours before the first flake of snow was expected on his city’s streets.

That seemingly compassionate move was actually short-sighted, stupid and ultimately could put students in that town in school until the first week of July.

You see, in this particular city (like dozens around the Commonwealth) the decision-making process regarding snow emergencies creates a domino effect. First, the city or town hall powers decide to declare a snow emergency. Once the emergency is declared, no resident can park on the roadways so that plows can keep the street clear. These cars have to go somewhere and that somewhere is school parking lots.

But with residents’ cars jamming school parking lots there’s no place for teachers to park. So the school department has to follow suit and call school off. Then the kids get a free day in December.

Friday, all forecasts say that the first inch of snow won’t be on the ground in Boston until about 3-4PM. So, on a day when children could have gone to school, teachers could have been in class, and residents could have avoided the hassle of relocating their cars, one mayor has shaken his personal snow globe and turned the entire town upside down.

And if this same town acts as irresponsibly all winter long – can you say panic-stricken – then students and teachers will be making up lost days for no reason well into the summer.

Another smart move from Boston-area politicians. Another snow-job for common sense.

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