March Madness – Day Two of Ten

March 19, 2009

March 10, 2009 – Cleveland to Cincinnati

In the car at dawn (you’ll notice that this is a recurring theme), we arrived at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We did an interview at the Hall and then did a tour.

This place is amazing. If you’ve never been to the Rock and Roll Hall, I suggest it highly. Even those without a lot of music appreciation or sense – that’s me – you’ll be enthralled by the history and the artifacts there.

They don’t allow photos or video in the hall, but the memories I have are so vivid they should last for a while.

What’s the best thing I saw there? Billy Joel’s lyric notebook. Machines that show you the influences behind certain artists. And the clothing section because it gave me a real perspective on how tall artists of every era were.

Next up was a great lunch in downtown Cleveland and then in the car for a dash down to Columbus.

Once there, we met up with Shawn Morton of Nationwide Insurance and did an interview on the patio of a Columbus bar. The energy of the town was infectious and it prepared us for our next stop – Cincinnati.

We rolled into Cincy and went to Bootsy’s restaurant for a Social Media Club event/Tweetup. People we met there included the CFO of Federated Media, one of the head honcho’s at Gannett Media and a slew of powerful people from P&G.

We dined on tapas and then retired to a comfy Residence Inn room – smoke and scare free.

I should explain that during our journeys between stops, I set up a Wifi hotspot in the car so that everyone could connect to the Internet and we could blog and Tweet and email and generally maintain contact with the world. When we do our 2010 Road Trip (tentatively called iRailTrip) we’re going to see if Verizon or other cell providers will supply EVDO cards for all participants.

Next up, day three…