Marketing THROUGH Influencers, Not Marketing TO Them.

September 12, 2011

Interesting comments today from Matt Britton of Mr. Youth. The company was formed as an “antidote for traditional media burnout in the youth market.” The company is working with BING to create brand success by “marketing THROUGH influencers” and not by marketing TO audiences. He’s presenting right now at Gravity Summit in Cambridge as part of the FutureM conference.

Does that strike you as revolutionary or odd? For me, I think it makes sense – to a degree – and it’s also refreshing. I like to hear a marketer actually admit that their end goal isn’t specifically the first audience they are speaking to. And it shows, in my mind, some forethought about how social marketing might work.

What’s your take? Do you have a target audience for your content? Doesn’t matter if you’re a marketer or journalist or just a content creator, are you keeping your audience in mind?