Mashable Connect. Minding My Manners.

May 14, 2011

This weekend, I’m in Orlando, FL at Disney World. So are a brilliant collection of social media and technology professionals at a mini conference/gathering called Mashable Connect.

Now, this post isn’t a recap of the event – because I didn’t attend.

It’s not a recounting of the parties – because I didn’t haphazardly show up there.

It’s also not a sharing of photos and videos from that gathering – because I stayed away.

And why?

Because it would have been in bad form to insert myself into a conference where the attendees had paid LARGE money for admission, just to say I rubbed elbows with the Twitterati in a magical place like Disney World.

Before I flew into Florida, I had planned to swing by some of the evening events. That was before I found out the group was going to be renting out the entire China Pavilion at Epcot or reserving a private tour of Tower of Terror.

So, the extent of my interaction with Mashable Connect was via hashtag and on FourSquare.

I know the people had great fun and learned a ton. And I look forward to being invited to the next one.

What are you doing this weekend?