Memorial Day Cookout – Food is Good Content

May 29, 2011

This week, I spoke at the New England Xpo for Business – or is it Expo for Business? Whatever it was, the turnout was great and the response to my multiple sessions was flattering. My topics were content, blogging and ROI on social media and traditional media. But in addition to talking the talk, I find it appropriate to walk the walk.

So, here’s my walk. Some good content for the Memorial Day Weekend. A photo montage of burgers being cooked on the grill. DO try this at home. And DO put up content that your audience will find good enough to eat.


Then fire up the grill and prepare yourself to do battle with creatures of the Summer. This includes hornets, wasps and neighbors who might want your beer.

And here’s the finished product – no wasp killer included. A nice tasty beverage to go along with the meal, too. That’s content that makes you open your eyes and pay attention. Now, you should go do the same with your messaging – make your audiences take note of what you’re doing, what you can offer them and why you’re the company to assist them.

Go be great. As I tell my clients – most of them – you can’t break the Internet, so go incorporate social as part of your existing communications plan. It could help. And it likely won’t hurt.

Have fun!