Metropolis Creative – I’m Thankful

November 22, 2012

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m doing some writing. Mostly because that’s what writers do. But also because I finally got around to looking at the MiTX Awards and was disappointed to see that Metropolis Creative – the fine and talented folks who did this site for me – were not in the finalists for awards this year.

So, I wanted them to know publicly that I’m thankful for all they’ve done to bring my Web presence and online impact into the year 2012. Without their design, marketing and technical help I’d still be mired in Geocities world with a stagnant site that didn’t work at all for bringing in new business or showcasing my abilities.

Now, I have a Website that’s driving business to me regularly, allows people to see what I actually do (and can do for them) in terms of content, training and strategy, and it’s a central location for all my writing. *See the other five blogs here on the site under the WRITING tab.

That’s my quick and dirty Thanksgiving thank you. Metropolis Creative, you guys rock!